The z2o gallery expands, indeed, doubles its exhibition spaces. After the main office, in via della Vetrina 21, it is equipped with a second space – z20 Project – on the second floor of a building in the San Saba district. It is accessed by passing through a sequence of rooms, arranged on three levels. Thanks to a spiral staircase in wood and metal that connects everything, connecting the three floors: the gallery owner’s house on the ground floor, from which you enter, the children’s space and the exhibition gallery, higher up. In this case, the gallery is flanked by a small artist residence, designed to house the person as well as the work, the artist as well as the art.

A winning functional hybridization, both in terms of spatial grammar and the work carried out by the curator, who provides a place to welcome, develop and exhibit the entire process creative. A mending operation between the existing shell and new functions, in which the traces are kept deliberately visible, because the signs left by time generate identity, they tell stories full of stories. A multi-voiced conversation between Sara Zanin and Bevilacqua Architects, who worked together to imagine and create a space that is only apparently neutral.

Observing it well, in fact, it is a space with its own intrinsic character, capable of not going into conflict with the works on display but rather, putting itself at their service. That is, capable of offering the best possible backdrop, the right atmosphere, the right lighting balance, through the balance between an artificial lighting system and large square openings, which flood the space with light
diffuse natural. The Bevilacqua Architects project focused precisely on these aspects, on respect for the existing – how
the choice of leaving the original ceiling stuccoes or the marbles of the floor intact, from which the previous layout is evident – and on the systems, through the use of home automation. The space becomes intelligent, efficient from the point of view of performance, connected and manageable even remotely.

Traces under trace.

650 West Avenue – Suite 1211 | Miami Beach, FL 33139

650 West Avenue – Suite 1211
Miami Beach, FL 33139