The Villa Borghese, also known as Villa Medicea of Montevettolini, a grand mansion built in the XVI century, was once one of the 12 sumptuous hunting residences of the Granduca Ferdinando I, grandson of the famous Lorenzo de’ Medici “Il Magnifico”.

Built on a hill of olive trees and vineyard overlooking the Val di Nievole valley, next to the charming medieval village of Montevettolini, the villa has retained its original architectural beauty and serenity.

The villa has been carefully restored and improved upon by the present owner, Prince Borghese, without disdaining the comfort offered by the modern technology and amenities.

All the rooms are decorated with antique furniture, paintings, Venetian glass, chandeliers and Persian carpets all from the private collection of the Borghese family dating back to the 17th century.

The villa was represented by Giusto Utens in the series of lunettes on the Medici villas, where we can admire some details that no longer exist such as guard towers, suspended, numerous chimneys and tow walled gardens!

Our guests will feel fortunate to be able to reside in such a unique and truly special atmosphere while enjoying the enchanting Italian garden, the beautiful park and the large swimming pool with a stunning view on rolling Tuscan hills..

A friendly staff, which has been working for the Borghese family for over 20 years, and an English speaking concierge will be glad to assist clients every day.


650 West Avenue – Suite 1211 | Miami Beach, FL 33139


650 West Avenue – Suite 1211
Miami Beach, FL 33139