Through this book, an introduction to the fantastic Pink world of cultural contemporaneity, the need to bring together female creativity that moves around the concept of Pink Attitude, told in the pages with slightly retro graphics, becomes objective. Pink Attitude is a way of living, of perceiving, of speaking, of moving, of thinking. Irony, at times almost noir at others sarcastic, is the component of this intellectual attitude.

A careful selection of 23 artists / designers from all over the world, who with their talent and sensitivity tell stories of life and dreams, to be discovered by dwelling on each image. Workers of the post modern, able to quote the vintage cartoon, to promote baroque modernism through simple and immediate strokes or using paintings-illustration, the 23 women published represent some of the most significant artists of the surrealism current.

Love and death, romance and decadence, eroticism and infantile innocence, pink and black, good and evil, strident but close contrasts, outline the boundaries within which this new current of thought moves. If we wanted to visualize a “pink attitude” environment, we would have to combine the slightly kitchy and flashy, but still glamorous aesthetic of a Hollywood party with that of a teenager’s bedroom, in a purple blend of Hellokitty and Marilyn Monroe.

Pink Attitude is a mix of seductive sweetness and strong sexuality. It combines romantic hearts dripping with blood with macabre human skulls transformed into cute puppets. Ancestral archetypes are reinterpreted in strong colors. The princesses, in a gothic key, become assassins and fearsome warriors. Women become men and vice versa, in a continuous carousel between good and bad, love and hate. The goal is to clear visual, artistic and cultural boundaries to determine a new aesthetic point of observation.

Music, words, images, environments, objects and people can belong to the Pink Attitude world.

650 West Avenue – Suite 1211 |┬áMiami Beach, FL 33139

650 West Avenue – Suite 1211
Miami Beach, FL 33139