Life is a journey, a series of one-way tickets with no possibility of return. My journey begins in Romania, the country where I spent the first 23 years of my life, experiencing the last years of communism and the transition to democracy. During the post-revolution years I have seen and experienced all the changes that a nation undergoes after such a long period of social lethargy, following step by step the transformation of my people and trying to find MY way.

Until the first one-way trip, ROME.

My arrival was random, or so I thought when, as soon as I graduated in journalism, I decided to get to know Italy. Now I simply believe that every decision I make is part of the long journey I am making, without a destination, because the whole world is to be discovered.

Conclusion: my journey continues, I continue to enrich myself, to know, to learn. I just decided to share, to inspire, to advise, treasuring everything the world has offered and will offer me!

650 West Avenue – Suite 1211 |┬áMiami Beach, FL 33139

650 West Avenue – Suite 1211
Miami Beach, FL 33139