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An art historian, Letizia, an expert in publishing, Francesco, a musician and composer, Andrea, a law student, Filippo and a journalist, Luigi. Here we are, we are the Cursed Tuscan even if in reality the authentic Tuscan, Florentine, are only the first two. The others are Romans, but in Tuscany they love landscapes, people and especially the kitchen. This is why we decided to open a strictly Tuscan restaurant, with native ingredients, meat from Maremma farms and wines from the Chianti farms.

This is a central point! Our ingredients. except for those of common use and of minor importance, they are always first choice and come from the Tuscan countryside and farms. To understand who we are and especially what we eat from us, the best thing is to take a look at the menu that from time to time is reinterpreted by our chef Ciro Del Pezzo. We are open for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Saturday and since the place is not very large, rather collected, it is always good to book.

From time to time, as often as possible, however, we organize cultural evenings, book presentations or re-enactments of illustrious Tuscans (from Gino Bartali to Luciano Bianciardi) thus creating a good opportunity to cheerfully challenge the forks. Since we are all gourmets, we do not allow our menus to be neglected or that the ingredients are not of the highest quality.

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