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GB PLACE Travel is our solution for Luxury apartments and retreats for holiday or business travel. GB PLACE are the space where creativity and lifestyle combine to offer our guests an unparalleled, multi-purpose and multi-functional distinctive space for their stay.  Our home space is designed in an edgy, comfortable setting, with carefully curated representations of furnishings, objects, creative works, and books all placed in an internal setting. Our home space is intended as a creative environment to enlighten and encourage our guests to relax and focus on their ideas, so they can be processed and ultimately brought to life.


GB PLACE Lab. Is a communication studio focused on research into the avant-garde creativity. GB PLACE Lab. Moves on multiple communicational levels, from new media to traditional graphics through motion graphics and digital illustration, reaching the artistic direction of events and editorial volumes. Our way of working is focused on absolute interaction with the customer. Constant research and information on everything that happens in the world of design, fashion, art, technology, lifestyle and communication in its broadest sense allows us to have a multi-purpose and multi-functional approach to of the various projects submitted to us.


The GB PLACE Crew, was born with the idea of creating work groups that interfacing with each other, can give life to new projects, ideas or simply put in contact brilliant minds. Today, connecting with other people or other realities is the starting point to enrich one’s own cultural baggage and to give the possibility to one’s own projects or ideas to develop, realize oneself and what is important, made known to the outside world. GB PLACE Crew is an ambitious project that will embrace not only the world of communication but also the world of fashion, art, food and any sector that needs development and connections.