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Teamster from the 1900’s, the wine came from the Castelli’s, the roman cuisine DOC. It is the years of “La Dolce Vita”: actors, directors and producers line up mixing in with the people of Trastevere. In 1961 Filippo, the son, takes over the reins of the restaurant. Today the grandchildren of the “Carrettiere” continue their cuisine of the territory, simple, and proud, based on the freshest of fish, choice ingredients and ancient recipes.

If you have eaten once at the restaurant of Checco er Carettiere, you already know that you would like to eat like this every day of the year at lunch and at dinner. Therefore to satisfy your fantasies, there is another open door at number 13 Via Benedetta for the passionate lovers of good food  and good company: The “Osteria” of Checco er Carettiere. Taken over by Francesco Porcelli in 1935, the site was opened to the public in 1968 and then used as a storage place for the restaurant until 2005; at which time, Francesco’s nephews remodeled it and opened it to people of every means… rich and poor alike.